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Song of Solomon 6:4 & 6:10

 All of Isaiah 58          

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 Mantle ~ Is a Garment which represents a yoke you are yoked to the Lord with. Back in the day, a double yoke was used for oxen. The Lord is our portion, and when we yield an aspect of our life to Him exclusively, we often become 'Mantled' as a result of it. In Him. It is always In Him. Hence, Matthew 29:11 ~

"Terrible as an army with banners.........." is His overcoming company of peoples that make up His bride. Male ~ female ~ black ~ white ~ red ~ tribes of every nation & tongue, make up His precious beloved.
His bride is not doing her 'own' thing, but His thing. From a place of intimacy she wars...........and she wars with a mantle of Love ~ not hate.
Mercy instead of judgment.
Freedom instead of bondage.
Passion instead of indifference....for the things of her Fathers heart.

This garment has come forth over a long period of time. The body is made of pure white cotton/satin blend. The inner side is the same as the outside, there is no lining.
Neck has a band of black with gold trim on the outside ~ inside neck has gold & white trim.
On both front & back a beaded glass necklace has been adorned with a heart in front/cross in back, each hanging 12" down.
The arms have been "set with seals". A red, black & gold wide band of trim holds a heart on either shoulder, with ribbons as well.
Both arm openings have a black & silver chain sewn on with gold ribbon that extends the full length.
The black chain is etched with silver and represents her true mission in Him. Which is setting the captives free by embracing/redeeming the hungered, poor, afflicted, forgotten, lame, and imprisoned of the human race. The arms have each one snap if part closure is desired.
Bottom has been edged first with black & gold trim.
To which He added white ribbon.
To which He added hand cut fringe from red & gold stretch fabric. Each one being hand tied the full width. On the reverse inside a yellow ribbon has been sewn into the black & gold trim, for she walks in total victory. Garments measurements :
Width ~ 60"
Length ~ 29" to edge of white - 37" to edge of fringe.
Neck ~ 12"
What is exceptionally nice about this garment is the size. It will fit either a smaller or larger person.

Please allow 4 weeks to ship.

Blessed be those who come in the name of the Lord.

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