Where do Prophetic Garments come from anyways????

  Glad you asked ~ To God be the Glory :0

† † †

Song Of Solomon 4:11


† Your lips, O my spouse, drip as the honeycomb ..... the smell of your garments is like the Cedars of Lebanon †


When you truly enter into an intimate relationship with another, by tradition, a persons garment was given as a sign of Covenant relationship. God has clothed us with Salvation & Righteousness ~ He also fashions garments that tell a story about who we are in His Kingdom † And that is what He has commissioned me to do while visiting earth. This is my story......and DNA song.....as the machine hums and thread from heaven flows, along with embellishments, colors, vibrations & waves ~ †


  What IS a Prophetic garment you may be asking ?

Each of these garments has a story to proclaim ~

They have been born of SPIRIT and made over periods of time.

Each one is unique having been birthed through prayer, worship, life experiences, testimony & remnants..... gathered from many sources.

Before modern day activity & yet still in some cultures, your garment was one of the most important possessions you owned †

It spoke clearly of who you were among men, tribes and community, telling your life story layer upon layer,  often handed down.

  The garment was a very important piece of daily life, because it held your identity † Your garment became a living, breathing part of you. Speaking...of who you are, your status and could bring favor or woe!

Today we have lost this important cultural manner of speech in the western world... somewhat sadly.

 We have become owners of many copy-cat clothing lines.

 And while these designers are fine craftsmen & women, they have not created us, nor do they hold our destiny †

 Neither do they assist us in becoming * inwardly* the incredible individuals we are created to be!!!!

 Not people copying one after another, as if we had been made on an assembly line.

God, has made us individually different and He has a garment just for us, that tells our story, anointing and often, our destiny †

 There is truly no way to accurately price pieces... of this nature *Selah*.
As they are completed & released ~ shall be added here. Everything is one of a kind, like you †
 Prices reflect that which Father has impressed upon each one & they are humbly offered to those who are seeking them.
May each one, remind you of who you are IN Christ, while calling forth His body in unity & power.

Custom orders are most welcome. 

***And while my Spirit is committed to only bring forth what God shows me in prayer. I cannot procure ANY order on demand.

Everything within L.OV.E. & CO. is held before the One I worship & honor, for guidance, directions and revealing. 

If there is no response in prayer by the same Spirit to give direction to an inquiry, please know that I reserve the right to not be held accountable for what His Spirit does not show me. I cannot be "forced" to create. Bless you ~

This has been and always will be ~ A Spirit led Creative Womb. Thank you for your understanding †

 If you have a garment or anything for that matter..... you would like prayerfully embellished, please feel free to inquire. Prices are not set on orders of that kind but are kindled by the Lord.

A lifetime repair promise is automatically in effect upon purchase....which simply means that if you ever need anything repaired on the garment... just send it back to LOVE & Co. where it will be repaired free of charge.

  † If you would like better pictures ask and ye shall receive † Email me !

Pages are updated frequently, info is added as time allows, thanks!

Blessings to you... †



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