What goes on here...♥♥

Throughout the womb of L.O.V.E. & Co. things are made according to the leading of the Lord & fashioned often, from scraps.  You will find  imperfections now & then


 Although His creative thought is perfect, He is working with  an imperfect vesselLikewise each piece reflects the ongoing & subtle beauty of His workmanship within us.

Everything is made one at a time, certainly not because of laziness...!!! Moreover ~ because they are soaked in worship & prayer, and it's His timing not mine, when a design is settled & established as done.  It is not possible to do rush orders.

 I rarely see Him racing around here, robe billowing hastily *giggles*... all upset like on Project Runway.


Please allow some extra time if you are ordering for a special occasion or gift. Unless it is presently available, then it can be sent promptly. Thanks!

He is constantly offering & suggesting many diverse methods in creativity, fiber arts, mixed media & all sorts of altered designs.  Dyes of choice are natural/organic dyes. Yet paints, pastels, glues, baubles, vintage collections, on and on. ~ Each are chosen and all used by Him.

Some are made of fabric found in the marketplace.  Some are made from remnant pieces, which of course, has a symbolism all its own. Some are made from wedding pieces, which I adore. Some are redeemed garments from the market place and embellished for Kingdom.  Some embellishments are given to me by folks like you, knowing they will be preciously used for Him. It's endless :) 

Most everything is one of a kind & while you could have a sister/brother/cousin made, exact duplicates are just not possible. When an order is placed for a "matching pair", please - please understand that the best effort is given to produce your request, however this is a Spirit led creative force and find no mistakes for what comes forth...it's very interesting!

If you are not satisfied with your order, you may simply return it postage paid with homemade cookies and an apology. Please know that due to the time frame in creation of each piece, refunds are not offered. Exchanges are acceptable ( less shipping, ins. & handling), but only once on an individual order:) 

Thank you.

Presently, Love & Co does not ship outside the U.S.

There is no shopping cart ~ so you don't pay for a lovely item that has been released before the site is updated .

Most things are One of a Kind ~  Holy Spirit makes certain they go to whom Father fashioned them for .

Again, please feel free to use the contact options to inquire.

 ~ Each piece made here comes with a lifetime repair guarantee/promise, if ever you need. No charge for this service, however please pay shipping and insurance to & from this location,  otherwise no promise replacement if lost during transit. ~

Many blessings for taking the time to view things here, that interest you. Prayerfully, they speak to you and remind you of who you are in Jesus Christ.

May the love of God be shed abroad in your heart richly, and His blessings shower down upon you as the latter rain.

Be at peace~~~~ Father sends His Love....♥♥♥

...sometimes thru unexpected vessels eh?

Love ya Dad♥♥♥♥



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