Where's Jojo???

Now and then, Beloved takes me by the arm, as a wonderful Lover would do † ~ He says with great passion,  "My Garden of delight, let us go over to this venue on such & such date, where we will bring our Wine of Love along with Spirits fanci works & spun crafts. † Perchance we will be a blessing and be blessed in return!"  And my heart rejoices that He chooses the times & seasons to take what Papa gives these hands to do. Because I am safest in His will, not mine ~ His timing & refining ~ Will & way ~ When to go out, and when to stay back & pray † Thank you for your interest in His Holy works through this heart & hands...... See you on the fields †

 Lord willing..........James 4:13


My my my! Where am I? With Him of course :) Right now a season of rest & healing is upon this life.....creativity never ceases, but following the masses does † Be encouraged to come aside and follow Him......if that is what your hearing ♥ Yes, it is a bit un-nerving.....but who needs them old nerves anyway???

" ......and you will find rest for your soul......"   Matthew 11:29




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