~ WILL ~



Like a leaf from a tree

floating down 

so fair


swirling waters below

it knows

not where

Yet soft grace

 grabs hold

 leading this leaf

afloating the waters....

Like so many

 of Gods truly 

yielded sons & daughters

Through the streams of life


~~~~~ turbulent ~~~~~



All by the hand 

of a loving Father

Asking only for their


As the waters they change

As the tide turns

~one must~

Decide to be a leaf floating & held


Self willed and overcome by the occasional gush

And the water turbine charger

 Decides each ones fate

Some are born for adversity

Then some ~

Are born for simple trust & faith †


Which one are you?

Oh leaf from Fathers tree.....

May His eye ever guide you

onto blissful  eternity ~



September 30, 2006




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