ISAIAH 58 ~  1 PETER 2: 5, 9 ~ REVELATION 1:6, 5:10, 20:6


Father, it has pleased you to create us, then die for us, then to call us as Kings & Priestess' with you. Co-heirs of all your Sons inheritance †

We know not the fullness of this privileged high calling, yet we enter into it with child-like faith. Knowing that He who has called us is faithful and true to perform that which He pre-destined to be.

A lot of understanding has been lost due to the laity & laymen positions within the 'church' system.

Sons & daughters do not really know the position that Christ has once & for all purchased for them.

One other obstacle is the false responsibility that is placed within these structures to make them servants of man instead of God.

Isaiah 58 gives a very clear picture of what is truly pleasing to God and how it should be carried out †

This is the true priesthood that He desires each of us to partake of. Whether anyone is looking or not †

Whether we get a salary or not †We are servants, not chosen to be served †

The hood represents the covering of His Word spoken daily over us in His intercessions.

 For even if we feel no one hears us, or we are in such dire circumstances, He IS our covering forever and always † Psalm 140:7

 This garment has been spirit dyed and oil soaked †

2 ~ Keys representing the authority of her Bride Groom that she shares ~ Isaiah 22:22 & Matthew 16:19

Ribbons are dyed with Wisdom & Revelation dyes †

2 ~  Silver Wings ~ Revelation 12:14 -Silver represents the redemptive qualities in a Priestly Bride  and her willingness to fly at a moments notice in the spirit to be where needed in intercession †

4 Gold Bells ~ 4 is the numeral for bringing heaven & earth to convergence. It also is 1111, which is the numeral for this year of 2011 †

A silver corded clasp is attached at the neck for closure.

Garment measures approx. 30" wide by 85" around.

No arm openings. A true cloke †

$158.00 plus shipping †

This Garment has been SOLD ~ 2.21.2011

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