Psalm 23 ~ Shadow of Death - Silk Bolero

 Specifically vs:4

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ~ I will fear no evil."

When this garment first came to my spirits eye ~ red fringe was prominent and to the floor  † 

I knew it was to represent the Blood of Jesus.

The evening He had me start on the garment the same as most any evening in my life. Setting up my small work area, turning on the TV to catch the last bit of news.....the information about Haiti came across the screen † It was the first I'd heard about it and sat to weep and begin....this garment †

The garment was begun that evening and I had never felt such a purpose for making a garment as I had that nite.

As the project progressed He added all the other embellishments ~ and meanings.

The fringe represents the anointing dripping down ( as it always does on any of these garments)

60" long ~  6 being the number of man or image - hence being made into Christ's image

30" folded ~ 3 being the number of trinity add ten which speaks of increase. Also the age of maturity that Jesus himself stepped into the Psalm 23 experience.

3 different yarns : red ~ blood of Jesus

 flame walking in & out of the fire of God & man

 ecru ~ purity

again, trinity †

The white was deliberately hand placed at the 'breastplate' because purity represents excellence in obedience & heart motive.

Gold spray on black ~ represents the divine nature of God, incorruptible & compassionate

2 keys inside right panel :

1 - gold ~ binding & loosing ~ keys of heaven Matthew 16:19

1- silver  ~ keys of redemption - hell & death Revelation 1:18

Bridal wrist cuff ~ Only His bride may effectively possess & use these keys †

multi color ribbon ~ His coat of Color/ His bride shares His garment

Jesus wears the true coat of colors, he is Messiah Ben Joseph

12 bells ~ along bottom - priestly, divine authority & rule

3 bells on right panel ~ trinity - holy of holies access, liberty, freedom

7~ swarovski crystals on neck ~ the 7 spirits of God by which we live , move & have our being†

it was begun on January 12, 2010

This is a large Garment, not fitted for a small frame

One of a Kind

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