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      Capes, Cloaks & Specials 1.2014

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Heart Beats  2021

Holy Incense ~ Exodus 30

Prophetic Accessories ~ New 2021

Scarves  2.20.12

Silk Flags  6.3.13

Wedding {Worship} Rings 2021


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The Bride Letters Nov 29 2022

Prophetic Poem  2.15.2022



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 'There is no religion in heaven....only Love'


an excerpt from 'The Harbinger ' by Jonathan Cahn


Be encouraged, stirred and renewed in the Blessed Hope of His calling over you.

He has designed a very specific place in His body for you, and He will fit you in jointly as you learn to rest in His creative flow from within.

  His desire is to restore that which has kept you broken and distracted in the forms of man.

We must learn the posture of resting once again. For when we rest from our works we begin to hear the very breath & heartbeat of God.

Hence, we long to worship Him, who is found in the unlikely places..........

and it is in these 'places' that we are released to worship in spirit & truth

..........and a birth occurs..........

the birth of who you really are meant to be, in Christ.


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Bless your heart!